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Housing flood – the underwater photographer’s worst nightmare.  The swim back to the surface is agonizing.  You want to go quickly but, for safety reasons, you cannot.  You know the amount of water entering your housing will likely increase as you get closer to the surface – less pressure, more leaking – but you must get out.  The expensive equipment in your hands is being ruined before your eyes…

Do you want to avoid this nightmare? You need the Housing Sentry from UnderWater Camera Stuff

The Housing Sentry allows you to pull a vacuum on your housing, creating a stronger seal for the o-rings and holding the housing parts, such as lens ports, more firmly in place.  With ten inHg of vacuum, a pull force of 58 pounds or 26.3 kilograms was required to break the seal of the lens port on the test housing with all of the port clips disengaged.  This test is a measurable indication of how the Housing Sentry aids in securing your housing assembly.

All versions of the Housing Sentry are designed to check the status of your housing before you enter the water.  The Housing Sentry-Complete will continually monitor the housing throughout your dive and will regularly notify you that everything is secure or quickly alert you if a problem is detected.

The Housing Sentry can be installed in virtually all housings regardless of the manufacturer or model.  There are currently six customized vacuum connectors available depending on the type of installation desired including (1) an unused, half-inch, unthreaded bulkhead such as Aquatica or Sea&Sea; (2) an unused 14mm threaded bulkhead such as Nauticam, Subal or Seacam; (3) an unused control location in an ikelite housing; (4) a bulkhead with an unused Nikonos connector; (5) aluminum housing without an open bulkhead and (6) acrylic housing.  Options 5 and 6 require an additional opening be added to the housing.

With the Housing Sentry, you now have an additional tool to help guard against the nightmare of a flood.


Housing Sentry Versions


Vacuum Connector Material

Electronics Included


Stainless Steel



Stainless Steel



Chrome Plated Brass



Benefits of the Housing Sentry

Vacuum provides tight seal of all o-rings and housing parts
-  Minimizes the possibility of problems in the rinse tank
-  Minimizes effects of wave action at the surface
-  Minimizes the possibility of problems as housing is handed to and from the boat or shore
-  Minimizes the possibility of problems if you enter the water while holding the housing

Notifies you, before entering the water, that your housing  seals are either good or are compromised

A number of customized vacuum connectors are available covering various installation options and housing models

Several versions of the Housing Sentry from which to choose offering a range of price-points to fit most budgets

The electronics included with the Housing Sentry-Complete offer these additional benefits:

Continuous monitoring of your housing’s status
-  Periodic flashing of the green LED to confirm the vacuum is being maintained
-  Immediate alert with the flashing of a red LED if the vacuum is reduced or lost
-  Notification if water enters the housing at anytime

Compact size of the electronic circuit board allows for installation in virtually all housings

Additional peace-of-mind knowing that your expensive equipment is being continuously monitored



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How the Housing Sentry-Complete Works

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